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Earn your Tula Petal!
(Tula: Courageous and Strength)

In this one-hour dance class, Daisies will discover that there is so much more to the world of dance than pretty costumes. Dancers will be guided through a fun-filled cardio and strength warm up, followed by some upbeat dance progressions across the floor. Class will end with a quick dance performance from the brave Daisies themselves. Dance is a great way for young girls to express themselves while building strength, perseverance, and confidence.

Girl Scout
Badge Events
with Miss Lizzy

dates coming soon

**Cost is $10 per child. Comfortable clothing and clean bottom gym shoes are recommended**


Earn your Gloria Petal!
(Gloria: Respect Myself and Others)

In this energy packed dance class, Daisies will learn that respecting yourself can mean many different things like exercising daily to keep your body healthy and strong, making new friends, or trying something different that helps you learn and grow. Daises will enjoy all of these benefits in this one-hour dance class! Class will start with a fun warm up, followed by some partnering exercises (this is so dancers can practice not only respecting themselves, but others as well), and will end with an exciting dance performance for family and friends!  

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