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What People Are Saying

Jennie, Chicago

"Miss Lizzy is like the Mary Poppins of dance teachers.  She strikes a perfect balance of kind but firm, instructional yet encouraging, disciplined but fun.  My daughter is older now, but she will always have a special place in her heart for Miss Lizzy.   I can't thank Lizzy enough for instilling a love for dance in my daughter and for helping her gain confidence and a true joy for performing."


Stephanie, San Diego

"Miss Lizzy has been absolutely amazing for our daughter. She makes dance class so much fun with all her entertaining songs and routines in class. She has an incredible talent to help anyone feel comfortable, while also holding high standards for each of her students. I never thought I would hear a 2 year old correctly identify and perform dance moves like relevé or passé! We followed Miss Lizzy to her new studio because she is without a doubt the best dance teacher. Our shy 2 year old has grown into a confident 3 year old who absolutely loves dancing and it’s all thanks to Miss Lizzy."

"Miss Lizzy is an incredible, one-of-a-kind dance teacher. She was my daughter's teacher from preschool through age 10 and we could not have asked for a more perfect person to be such a big part of Maeve's life for so many years. Miss Lizzy has all the qualities that you'd want in a terrific dance teacher and role model. Her love for dance was contagious. She was kind and supportive, but also helped the girls understand the value of discipline, attention to detail, and always doing their very best. 


When my daughter joined a competitive dance team through the studio, Miss Lizzy guided her through upbeat and beautifully choreographed dance routines that won many awards. She also had a special way of calming the girls' nerves and preparing them for their first experiences performing on stage in front of large crowds. Today, my 12-year-old daughter is extremely passionate about dance, and I attribute much of that to Miss Lizzy."

Meg, Chicago

"My daughter started dancing with Miss Lizzy when she was two years old. She was a bundle of energy and excitement. Miss Lizzy channeled that energy each week, helping my daughter to learn, grow, and have fun. Miss Lizzy is gifted in helping very young children listen and try new things in a low-pressure, engaging environment. Through her patient manner, she instills self-control and self-confidence in her little dancers. My daughter loves to dance, and she especially loves Miss Lizzy!" 

"We are so very fortunate to have had Miss Lizzy teach all three of our daughters the foundations of dance.  Her ability to break down the movement, practice with precision, and model strong perseverance, all while having lots of fun is top notch!  She is an absolutely ideal dance teacher for children of all ages.  Her warmth and special care of her youngest dancers is always evident."

Keshia, San Diego
"Miss Lizzy is a fantastic instructor who truly knows how to connect with her students of all ages. We were lucky enough to find someone who is so sweet, passionate, and engaging, yet disciplined with her students. Our daughter started ballet/tap dance classes at the age of 2 and has developed into a confident and poised 4 year old, largely due to Miss Lizzy’s love and dedication of the art.
Miss Lizzy’s sheer joy, passion, and incredible talent have been infectious to all the children who take her class. It has been an honor to witness Miss Lizzy’s innate ability to not only challenge her students, but also positively support them by improving and fostering their love of dance. She is a true treasure to the dance community."

Haley, San Diego

Christen, Chicago

Melissa, Chicago

"Lizzy brought the love of dance to both of my daughters with her caring attitude and fun, but focused dance classes. Lizzy has a way with young kids to teach them the rules of the dance classroom, technique, and the foundations of dance, all while smiling and having fun! Lizzy is also a diamond in the rough with how much she cares for each and every one of her dancers. Her encouragement helped my girls grow and love dance. We are so grateful for what she taught our girls. We love Miss Lizzy and her amazing dance teaching abilities!"

"We were fortunate enough to be under Miss Lizzy's guidance and expertise during the early years of both our girl's dance career.  Miss Lizzy was professional, creative, patient, fun, kind, caring, and had an enthusiasm for dance that cannot be matched.  Our girls still talk about what they learned from Miss Lizzy both on the dance floor and off.  Her personality is contagious and heartwarming to both young and teen dancers.  Anyone will be lucky to experience her natural born talent and zest for dance!"  

"Miss Lizzy is a fantastic dance teacher.  She has worked with dancers of all ages and knows how to motivate them.  Lizzy knows how to make dance fun while still instilling a strong work ethic even with younger girls.  She pushes girls to be their very best while keeping her choreography age-appropriate.  Her choreography is wonderful- her dances have won numerous awards at competitions.  We continue to wish her great success!"

Jenny, Chicago

Michelle, Chicago

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